Our Firm

We are a boutique tax and investment firm located in Manhattan’s WestVillage, near Abingdon Square. Our office is headed by Sara Brandston, who has over twenty-five years experience in the tax and financial industry. She is ably assisted by a dedicated staff, each of whom has his or her own area of specialization.


Our clients come from all walks of life, from Wall Street professionals to writers and artists. On the tax side, we pride ourselves on our ability to translate the round pegs of our clients’ lives into the square holes of their tax filings. On the investment advisory side, we use our knowledge of the tax code and our clients’ temperaments and objectives to construct a workable plan for them. Our goal in all of our work is to advise and guide out clients in a way that saves them money, helps them grow financially, and allows them to sleep well at night.


Sara Brandston is an Enrolled Agent with over 25 years experience as a tax advisor and preparer. She specializes in self-employed filers, retirees and people in creative fields. As an investment advisor, Sara has over a dozen years of experience. Her expertise is in implementing savings and investment plans, mulit-generational planning, retirement income distribution planning and managing risk.