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I believe that smart financial decisions can be made at any stage of our lives, though starting early will give the best chance at success. I try to help my clients envision what kind of financial security they’re capable of achieving for themselves through the choices they make, and then guide them to realizing that security through smart decision making and investing

I enjoy meeting new people, and working with clients at any stage of their financial journey. I have clients who come to me already invested and secure, newbies, others who are starting later than ideal, and still others who receive legacies, without having any financial experience to cope with their windfall.

My skillsets in tax, insurance, investing, and financial planning, as well as my years of experience working with both financially savvy and non-savvy clients, make me a valuable partner. I look forward to learning how I can help each new client solve the financial security equation unique to their current situation and stage in life.

My firm is committed to high standards of integrity and care for our clients. We strive for strong, ongoing, mutual communication and understanding to make our relationships, and our plans, work.

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