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If you would like to become a client please fill out a new client sheet and fax back to our office at 212-229-9271. It is best if you can also provide a brief description of how we can help.

If you are a current client and have moved, changed jobs, or changed any of your contact information please make sure to contact us with the details. In addition to the new address please include any change in telephone number, email and the date of move. If your business has changed and not your personal address please let us know that as well

Dropbox instructions: If you are a current client and need to send or receive sensitive information (especially any documentation that includes your SSN) you will be asked to do so using a secure file sharing site called the Dropbox. If you are unfamiliar with it please contact the office and we will set up an account and password for you. Once you receive a password you will be able to log in and upload or download documents to and from our office

Often we get asked how long should records be kept. Click here for a list of items and how long to keep them.