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Sara Brandston, CFP®

Sara Brandston, CFP®

Enrolled Agent

My parents were early mentors for my career as an Investment Advisor. They both loved the stock market and often discussed the stocks they followed, at the dinner table with my siblings and me. When my mother, Elaine Jacobson, went to work at H&R Block, I promptly got a working permit so that I could work there too. I started my career as a receptionist and collator. While still a teenager, I was trained and promoted to chief return checker for Block’s downtown Manhattan offices.

During my college years, my mother left H&R Block to start her own firm, BTS on East 18th Street in Manhattan. When I returned home, though I worked in the music business, I continued to help my mother during her busy season. In 1983 I left the music business to work with my mother, and start raising a family.

In 1992, the IRS certified me as an Enrolled Agent. I became an Investment Advisor in 1998, got Insurance Licensed in 2003, and obtained my CFP designation in 2018.

I am an avid cook and bread baker, ardent traveler and photographer, art lover, dog and cat lover, and defender of rights. I am a proud parent and grandparent; I enjoy meeting people, learning about life in other countries and ways of life other than my own. My curiosity helps me in my work, and I get great joy helping other people find theirs.